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How can pharmaceutical companies proactively manage their strategic alliances for maximum financial benefit

The pharmaceutical industry constantly faces pressure to develop new products and bring them to market. The high cost of R&D, as well as market demand, makes it crucial for the players in the industry to form strategic alliances, often through licensing, co-promotion and co-development agreements. The benefits of such alliances include:

  • For licensors Out-licensing maximises the value of a compound while freeing the organisation from many of the risks associated with manufacturing, providing services and establishing distribution channels
  • For licensees In-licensing can be very profitable, allowing companies to fill new product pipelines
  • For co-promoters and co-developers Collaboration with partners allows for broader distribution and development of products

How Can PwC help your organisation?

PricwaterhouseCoopers' Licensing Management and Contract Compliance team is comprised of professionals that are specifically dedicated to helping your company develop a pro-active approach to licensing management. We offer a unique mix of accounting knowledge, licensing experience and a global network that understands the issues. We have experience performing the following services both locally and internationally:

  • On-site audits or reviews of your partner, focusing on contract compliance and the processes for monitoring compliance
  • assistance with license enforcement programs including best business practices; strategies for managing, monitoring and enforcing license portfolios; compliance programmes for license distribution and pricing agreements; and forensic-based royalty examinations.
  • Dispute Resolution including negotiation, litigation, arbitration, damage calculations and expert witness testimony
  • Drafting of royalty and other financial provisions in agreements
  • assessment of the policies and control procedures used to monitor your alliances along with recommended improvements

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