Gearing up for a global gravity shift*

growth, risk and learning in the Asia pharmaceutical market

Asia pharmaceutical industry is gearing up to be at the centre of the global market and most pharmaceutical companies in the region expect this shift to happen fast. Fifty eight per cent of companies believe the centre of gravity of the global pharmaceutical market will be in Asia rather than North America and Europe in the near future. This confidence is expressed by domestic companies and multi-national companies (MNCs) alike in a new report from PwC.

The report, Gearing up for a Global Gravity Shift , is based on in-depth interviews with 185 senior pharmaceutical executives across nine different territories in the region; China, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

Key highlights:

  • Growth – The pharmaceutical industry in Asia is gearing up to at the centre of the global market and most expect this shift to happen fast.
  • Risk – The region receives a mixed risk report.
  • Learning – Both MNCs and domestic companies seek to step up two-way learning.
  • Outsourcing – Outsourcing trends reflect a changing business model.