Maximising revenue growth - prioritising R&D investment opportunities

The issue:

The client, a major European pharma company was faced with more research & development investment opportunities than it could fund. The client engaged PwC to advise on which investments it should be pursuing.

Our approach:

PwC developed an approach and supporting tool for selecting investments that best meet the company’s portfolio objectives and constraints.

Our approach helped the client by:
  • Assessing its portfolio selection and analysis needs;
  • Identifying portfolio selection objectives and constraints;
  • Developing a standardised analysis for the expected performance of portfolio investments;
  • Providing a tool to enable the selection of portfolio investments based on alternative performance measures for Value, Return, Risk and Growth;
  • Evaluating the merits of different performance measures in selecting portfolio investments that best meet specified objectives and constraints.
The outcome:

PwC successfully provided management with the tools to make more informed investment decisions across the research & development portfolio and understand how decisions would affect the achievement of corporate objectives.