Attracting and retaining a skilled workforce

The issue

After a significant merger, a major global pharmaceutical company faced the challenge of creating a strong brand both externally and internally to achieve fast and successful global integration. As the first initiative to affect employees personally, the new employee compensation and benefits program presented an ideal opportunity to drive forward the identity of the newly formed company and create a consistent employment brand. The objectives were to:

  • Align mindsets and behaviours to reflect the spirit of the new company and support global integration;
  • Reassure an uncertain and anxious workforce;
  • Attract, retain, motivate and develop key talent;
  • Offer employees the opportunity to share in the company's future success.

Our approach

PwC won the client's business based on our breadth of experience in aspects of successfully marketing rewards programs. PwC employee communication specialists first interviewed stakeholders to understand the client's challenges and legacy arrangements and the desired values and culture for the future. The client's initial focus was on managing and minimising employee anxiety; therefore, management kept employees informed about progress while encouraging them to voice their concerns and suggestions via focus groups and questions to the CEO's website.

We proposed an internal identity concept based on the new corporate brand that highlighted its competitive advantages as an employer of choice. PwC also designed a promotional campaign to introduce employees to the new programme and created additional communications that were distributed up to the programme launch. PwC created and implemented an additional "Train the Trainer" programme for the client's line managers and Human Resources professionals to help subsequently cascade the programme details throughout the business.

The outcome

PwC successfully helped the client create an identity that encouraged employees to engage emotionally with the newly merged company. By doing this, the client gained the commitment and focus of the workforce, enabling them to move forward as one company. The campaign added value far beyond the launch of a new compensation and benefit programme:

  • This was one of the most successful internal applications of the client's identity and its drivers to date.
  • More than 80% of the client's UK employees now have a higher stake in the company through participation in new share plans, some 20% higher than the client's expectation.
  • Five years on, the 'TotalReward' concept is still strong and recognised by 99% of staff.