Corporate Simplification

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As multinational corporations have grown, so has the underlying complexity in their business, often resulting in overly complex legal structures and less efficient operating and tax models with higher global compliance costs / risks. PwC offers industry tailored services in Corporate Simplification, to help our clients meet their business objectives and postion themselves for future success.

Business objectives

  • Simplify business, legal and tax structure, reducing complexity, cost and risk of global compliance
  • Lower overall tax costs by creating a more cost-efficient tax business model
  • Improve effectiveness of global operating / management model, reducing duplication of activities and costs
  • Strengthen corporate governance / controls
  • Establish better alignment between the “legal” and "management” model
  • Leverage recent regulatory / other developments to reduce costs and improve operating effectiveness (e.g., Europe's Cross Border Merger Directive, Societas Europaea, IFRS SMEs, and the Obama Administration tax proposals)

Why now?

  • Global economic conditions are driving significant cost reduction focus for Industrial Products multinationals
  • Increased focus by multinationals on statutory reporting, cost/benefits, and risks
  • Recent developments enabling companies to optimize their corporate/legal structure – e.g. Societas Europea, Cross Border Merger Directives, OECD rulings, IFRS for SMEs for statutory reporting
  • The Obama administration proposals driving many US MNCs to consider their current legal structure, the impact of the proposed reforms and how best to manage their overseas structures