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HealthCast: The customisation of  diagnosis, care and cure

Many health systems say they deliver patient-centered care, but PwC’s research found only pockets in which this is evidenced. Health organisations remain too focused on their own organisations, not what’s best for the patient.

Patient-centered care takes health systems out of their comfort zones, forcing them to integrate people, technologies and organisations that are not part of their current routines.

Five touchpoints changing the relationship between patients and health systems

Key findings:

Between now and 2020, healthcare’s vital signs will be under pressure. Health systems will turn from reactive medicine to proactively understanding and supporting individuals in managing their own health. Health leaders will become agile caretakers of interdependent networks that grow smarter as they get to know and support each individual. Health will be customized around a framework of six vectors that personalise diagnosis, care and cure for individuals.  

Three key issues will force a change in today’s health model:

  • Rising chronic diseases among young and old
  • Technology-enabled mass customisation
  • Understanding of genetic, behavioural and socio-economic factors on health

Six vectors are moulding a new customised framework to activate individuals and health systems:

  • Incentives that encourage partnerships
  • Regulatory reforms
  • Funding that redistributes spending
  • Patient communication that supports choice
  • Information technology that eases collaboration
  • Flexible workforce models

This report is part of HRI’s HealthCast series. This series of reports relied on the expertise of our global network of practitioners as well as in-depth research through proprietary surveys and one-on-one interviews. The goal is to help global health industry leaders determine the future direction of industry trends.

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