Intelligent healthcare through mHealth

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24 September 2012
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New mobile information technologies, combined with innovative business models, offer consumers the promise of greater control over their health, more choice, better access and a decrease in overall costs.

We call this new paradigm intelligent healthcare, and it is primed for significant global growth, with benefits such as:

  • Apps that act as a “clinician in a box”—using sensors, algorithms and artificial intelligence designed to simulate the advice of a clinician.
  • Empowering patients to self-help, and healthier behaviours, while helping transform healthcare into a more productive state.
  • Tools offering constant expert clinical advice and support, particularly for chronic diseases which require continual management.

PwC can help developers of "intelligent healthcare apps" navigate the regulatory requirements, ensure clinical efficacy, determine payment structures—and leverage the abundant opportunities available in this area of growing market interest.