Our analysis of mHealth reveals mobile is positioned to have a huge impact on how healthcare is delivered. It offers opportunities to address one of the most pressing global challenges: making healthcare more accessible, faster, better and cheaper.


Mobile is accelerating trends in healthcare

Three major trends already happening in healthcare lend themselves to the revolution in mobile technology:

  • Ageing population: Ageing populations and chronic illness are driving regulatory reform. Public sector healthcare is seeking better access and quality, and it's looking to the private sector for innovation and efficiency. mHealth improves access and quality, and offers dramatic innovation and cost reduction.
  • Foundations already in place: The foundations of industrialisation of healthcare are already in place — electronic medical records, remote monitoring and communications. ‘Care anywhere’ is already emerging. The platform for mHealth is set.
  • Personalisation: Healthcare, like other industries, is getting personal. mHealth can offer personal toolkits for predictive, participatory and preventative care.

Video: How can we be sure that mobile healthcare isn't just technology-driven hype?


Emerging mHealth: Paths for growth

This report compiles stakeholders' views on mHealth and offers a comprehensive look at the full mHealth landscape, including its potential in developed and emerging markets, the barriers to adoption, and its impact

Explore key findings:

Expectation vs. reality

When it comes to mHealth, what are the different expectations of patients regarding mobile's impact on cost, quality and delivery of healthcare?

Innovation vs. resistance

Despite mHealth's potential for healthcare innovation, some stakeholders cite regulations, data security, privacy and even cultural attitudes as key concerns.

Colliding interests, competing visions

Patients want the power mobile gives them, payers are eager to pay for mHealth, providers express resistance to changing healthcare delivery. Can the conflict be resolved?

Emerging market trailblazers

Emerging markets - where healthcare is scarce - are more likely to use mHealth than developed countries with less healthcare demand and more resistance to change.

Solutions vs. technology

To implement mHealth, entrepreneurs need business models based on solutions over technology. How can vendors, payers and providers collaborate most effectively?