Out in the open: Delivering Public Service Reform

Rising demand for public services, tightened budgets and the need for a leaner, more efficient public sector mean public service reform is high on the Coalition's agenda.

In July 2011, the Government set out, in a White Paper, its agenda for a more Open Public Services.Out in the Open: delivering public service reform considers, chapter by chapter, how public services can be opened up.

The larger challenge for the government will not be setting the agenda but making change happen across substantial parts of the public sector.

This book sets out our views on the practical steps needs to reform public services.  How should public services be opened up?  How can public services be made more accountable to citizens?  How can we best finance the public services of the future?  And should government consider charging for more?

Priorities in opening up public services

View video: Dan Burke of PwC outlines priorities for government in the opening up of public services as well as some solutions to the short term challenges.

How can we best finance public services

View video: Paul Davies of PwC explores some of the possibilities for funding the public services of the future.

Charging for the delivery of public services

View video: Matt Hamnett of PwC presents the possibilities and pitfalls for charging in the delivery of public services.