NHS@75: Towards a healthy state

On 5 July 2013, the NHS celebrates its 65th anniversary. However, rising demand, tightening budgets and crises in care are putting the NHS under pressures that show no sign of abating. Business as usual is no longer an option and tough decisions need to be made if the NHS is to survive and become a system fit to serve 21st Century Britain.

Raising our heads above the day-to-day and year-to-year challenges, and imagining the NHS@75 in ten years time means we – commissioners, providers, policy makers, regulators and the public – have the opportunity to prepare and begin to shape the NHS of the future.

NHS@75 sets out the case for radical change in the health service over the next ten years. We focus on a 'healthy state' vision for 2023 based on a public that is informed and proactive about their own health, and a system that is agile and adaptive to population needs.

The report is the result of a six month programme, through which we engaged over 200 people from across the health sector and surveyed 4,000 members of the public on what the future holds for the NHS.