Good growth for cities
Our report on economic wellbeing in UK urban areas

Across the United Kingdom, debate continues on how government – national and local – can generate economic growth and rebalance the economy, while reducing the structural deficit.

Cities have a significant role to play as the engines of sustainable growth. But how can they measure their success? And how can the measures help guide investment decisions and the allocation of scarce resources?

Our Good growth for cities report presents the findings of our index on the economic wellbeing of urban areas in the United Kingdom. We make the case for cities to look beyond traditional measures such as GDP and GVA – and give the public and business a key role in determining priorities for local economic success.

Our Index measures the performance of the United Kingdom’s largest cities against a basket of ten categories defined by the public and business, as key to our economic wellbeing.

Good growth for cities: A report on economic wellbeing in cities from PwC and Demos follows our 2011 report with Demos, Good growth: A report on economic wellbeing, which included an international and United Kingdom regional index.