The agile council

Becoming an agile council is about being change-ready – being able to respond to complex and ever-changing environments.

Agile councils think and act differently – they break down existing models in favour of new approaches that centre on the customer, they base decisions on strong business intelligence and operate through simpler, standardised organisational structures and processes.

We believe that to succeed in the current and future economic climate the creation of the agile council is critical. By embracing a change-ready culture they remain one step ahead of whatever social, economic or political environment is thrown at them, continuing to deliver exceptional outcomes for their citizens.

In our latest Talking Points publication, ‘The Agile Council: creating the change-ready organisation’, we discuss why we believe creating an “agile” council model is critical to the current and future success of the organisation. We look at the environment councils are operating in and five steps to becoming an agile organisation.