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Welcome to the Public Centre Research Centre - The Netherlands. This section features insightful research from The Netherlands and similar countries on the issues and the challenges faced by public sector and government officials while providing a roadmap of the future of government. To view global publications, please choose the option "all publications" in the menu to the left.


On this website you will find more details on the research, the upcoming report and the details for the upcoming conference to be held in Amsterdam on 9 June 2016 to share the results of our research with city representatives and urban stakeholders from around the world.

Amsterdam - A City of Opportunity

PwC Netherlands conducted a comparative assessment for the city of Amsterdam against the 30 cities in our global Cities of Opportunity study. A special edition report: Amsterdam - A City of Opportunity was published with the results from this study.

Horizon 2020 – Aligning your innovation strategy to increase competitiveness

The Horizon 2020 programme is the major funding body for research and innovation initiatives across Europe. This paper provides guidance for making Horizon 2020 work for you, by highlighting the specifics of the programme, and offering key strategic issues and best practices.

Focus on culture and behavior: Practical experiences, dilemmas and best practices of regulators in the public sector

The success of organizations is increasingly dependent in how they embed their social objectives and core values ​​ in their culture. A culture is valuable not only in a well-articulated mission, but also in the behaviour of managers and employees. The publication is a separate card which includes the ten key questions that supervisors can draw on culture and behaviour. On the other side of the card ten indicators for culture and behaviour.

Housing the future, the corporation in 2050

Strategy and project planning in public housing needs a vision on the needs people will have over 20 years or more and your role as public housing company.

VAT/Indirect Taxes are a sports of their own – Investments by and for local sporting clubs: what are the fiscal opportunities?

This paper describes some important VAT issues and points of interest with regard to sporting clubs. We show how sporting clubs and local authorities can make use of the fiscal advantages that legislation has made possible. An accurate implementation will make VAT a limited debit entry.

Uncovering excellence in cluster management

This report was developed by the PwC practice in the Netherlands. The objective of this report is to support cluster managers, policy makers and other relevant stakeholders in crystallising the notion of cluster management excellence as a process rather than an output. We suggest that to achieve cluster excellence, focusing on cluster management alone is not enough, and the notion of cluster governance has to be brought onto the stage.

Capita Selecta – 2011 Trends in education

This report provides a summary of the most important trends in the Dutch Education Sector for 2011.

Capita Selecta Charitable and not for profit organizations – 2011 Trends

This report provides a summary of the most important trends in Dutch charitable and not for profit organisations in 2011. Furthermore we set out the latest trends on international development assistance, governance and tax law.

A view on risks for housing corporations: Practical takeaways for the in-control responsibilities for housing corporations

In our publication “A view on risks for housing corporations” we give managers and supervisory boards a framework for setting up a transparent in-control risk assessment in the annual account and for reporting on risks and risk management to the Board of Directors and Board of Commissioners.