Mexico’s States of Opportunity 2012

Mexico’s States of Opportunity 2012 Comprehensive Visions of Development is the first edition of a PwC study dedicated to facilitating the urbanization process in a country that is transforming itself through investment in a range of areas. These include education, internet readiness, healthcare, transportation and infrastructure, urban development, promotion of sports, cultural and recreational activities, economic growth, judicial and legal reforms, and transparency - all necessary for national development.

This first edition establishes an initial measure and one by which we progress can be judged as it occurs, finding areas of strength and challenge as well as analysing actions needed. Mexico shares many of the same challenges as other urbanizing parts of the world. These span effective regional management, adequate transportation and infrastructure (including roads, public transit, water, waste, schools and hospitals), effective programmes for education, healthcare, sustainability and preservation.

We view these issues as a starting point on the road ahead. Put differently, without reliable measurement we cannot manage. Governing well, strengthening citizenship, encouraging education, innovation and entrepreneurship all begin with knowing where we stand today.