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Welcome to the Public Centre Research Centre - India. This section features insightful research from India and similar countries on the issues and the challenges faced by public sector and government officials while providing a roadmap of the future of government. To view global publications, please choose the option "all publications" in the menu to the left.

Safe cities: Collaborative monitoring

This report highlights the importance of collaborative monitoring and lays emphasis on the impact and criticality of community participation in supporting our law enforcement agencies for optimising crime prevention.

Reforms to accelerate the development of India’s Smart Cities

The World Economic Forum’s report Reforms to Accelerate the Development of India’s Smart Cities: Shaping the Future of Urban Development & Services, written in collaboration with PwC, highlights the reforms required at state government and local government level to provide thrust to implementation of smart cities in India.

How smart are our cities

This report assesses the existing infrastructure and various social factors of ten major Indian cities to discover just how far the cities are from the starting point on their journey to smart cities.  

India: Surging to a smarter future

Learn more about smart city initiatives in the Indian landscape and details of specific projects in our report.

Location-based services: Adding another dimension to smart city

Read about how location based services can help in better planning, governance and functioning of Indian smart cities in our report.

Transforming central business districts: Taking the smart route

This paper highlights the importance of Central Business Districts (CBDs), their issues and best practices from across the globe. Also, the report presents technology initiatives that can be taken up within CBDs and lays out an action plan which will support administrators in embracing those initiatives for the improvement of CBDs.

PwC Thought Leadership for Safe Cities (Surveillance) – India Perspective

This report sets out PwC’s views on creating a Safe City - its objectives, building blocks, workflow, drivers for growth, challenges, sector analysis, technology trends and a future roadmap.