Trade & Finance Autumn 2013

The Trade & Finance Autumn 2013 deals with the topic of growth in times of crisis. It examines opportunities that may arise from a crisis at the country and business level and discusses the strategic implications. The internationally renowned economists David Blanchflower (Dartmouth College, USA), David Held (Durham University, UK), Thomas Mayer (Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany) and George Pagoulatos (Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece) provide their assessments of whether countries should strive to achieve ever higher growth rates and what changes are needed in international economic policy in order to place the global economy on a sustainable path.

  • Feature: Making growth sustainable
  • Viewpoint: Acquisition in times of economic crisis
  • Snapshot: From crisis to growth
  • Practice: Preparing for Growth
  • Practice: Return on Change from a financial perspective
  • Practice: Gaining Access to Future Markets – Successfully Implementing Major Projects
  • Practice: Never Waste a Good Crisis: Lessons in Staying Ahead for Industrial Manufacturing Leaders