Global Policy & PwC Special Issue: Economic Policy, Governance and Institutions in Times of Crisis

Global Policy is an innovative and interdisciplinary journal bringing together world class academics and leading practitioners to analyse solutions to global challenges and issues. It includes research articles, policy case studies with clear lessons for other countries, and conceptual and methodological innovations to develop new policies.

Together with Henning Meyer from the London School of Economics and Political Science, Andreas Klasen from PwC Germany edited this special issue including research articles from world class authors. This includes practitioners such as Martin Baur, Chief Economist of the Swiss Federal Finance Administration, Matthias Kollatz-Ahnen, former Senior Vice President of the European Investment Bank, and Alfred Höhn, public sector leader from PwC Germany. In addition, there are contributions from Gustav A. Horn, Director of the IMK, Thomas Straubhaar, Director of the Hamburg Institute of International Economics, and Simon Wren-Lewis, Professor of Economics at Oxford University.