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Education will be the engine room of Australia’s future prosperity

There are five steps that are critical to successfully bringing about constructive, concrete reform in Australia’s education system.

Is the public sector planning for the 100 year life?

Life expectancy in Australia rose to its highest level on record, according to figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics in April this year.

An Australian snapshot of economic crime in the public sector

PwC’s latest report in this series summarises survey results relating to the incidence of fraud and corruption in the public sector globally.

A positive conversation: Performance management in the Public Sector

Investing time in common purpose, capabilities, creating shared accountability and a focus on development can make a big difference.

Australia’s social purpose market: Understanding funding flows and exploring implications

PwC's latest report, in partnership with The Centre for Social Impact (CSI), estimates the size and composition of the social purpose market in Australia, and puts forward a clear point of view about the need for productivity gains for this market.

Making STEM a primary priority

Practical steps to improve the quality of science and mathematics teaching in Australian Primary Schools

A high price to pay

The cost of violence against women is high and increasing in Australia. We estimate that violence against women costs $21.7 billion a year, with victims bearing the primary burden of this cost. Governments (national and State and Territory) bear the second biggest cost burden, estimated at $7.8 billion a year, comprising health, administration and social welfare costs.

Safety in program design

Why early and effective safety thinking is critical.

A smart move: Future-proofing Australia’s workforce by growing skills in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM)

Our latest report argues the case for growing the STEM workforce, and identifies the benefits and impact on businesses and the Australian economy more broadly.

Fighting Fraud in the Public Sector III

Our latest report provides an overview of the incidences of fraud and corruption in the public sector globally, as well as in the wider Australian economy.

Benchmarking of Commonwealth and State Government corporate services 2014

The 2014 benchmarking study of Commonwealth and State Government corporate services provides insights from a broad range of government entities of different sizes.

Putting a value on early childhood education and care

PwC has undertaken economy-wide modelling to help meet the need for an Australian evidence base around the value of Early Childhood Education and Care.

Deregulation of Fees: Pricing our higher education

The proposed changes included in the recent Commonwealth budget are likely to have significant impacts on the post-secondary education sector in Australia.

Australia’s Education System: Good but must do better

While many aspects of the Australian Education System are strong, some measures do not consistently indicate optimum performance.

Improving public sector productivity through prioritisation, measurement and alignment

This paper from PwC’s Public Sector Research Centre paper explores the drivers and experience of Australia’s public sector productivity initiatives to date and argues that, despite the challenges of the past, productivity is relevant in the public sector context.

Protecting prosperity - Why we need to talk about tax

Launched in July 2013, this publication from PwC's Public Sector Research Centre looks at the long term future of Australia’s economy and the need for comprehensive tax reform.

Beyond attraction and retention: Indigenous career advancement in the public sector

This PwC publication - created at the behest of the Institute of Public Administration Australia (Victoria) - examines the links between professional development and career advancement for Indigenous people in the Victorian public sector.

Transforming the citizen experience, One Stop Shop for public services

Reforms in the public sector which are aimed at improving service delivery have received considerable focus over the last decade.

Investing in a better life, a stronger Australia

People with disability are the largest minority in Australia – about one in five Australians has a disability. They are also one of the most disadvantaged groups, with sub-standard outcomes on most indicators of community participation and wellbeing. The Productivity Commission reported that the current disability support system is “underfunded, unfair, fragmented and inefficient...”. The imperative for changing the disability experience in Australia is clear. The time to act is now.