Chain of Custody

With the increasing focus on environmental performance and sustainability, consumers and other stakeholders are demanding that forest-based materials they buy come from sustainably managed sources. They want proof that organisations supplying these products have implemented systems and processes that meet corporate and social objectives. The challenge for most forest products companies is ensuring they have the right processes that can effectively track and record each stage of wood fibre processing. Without effective tracking systems, your company may have difficulty in demonstrating that they are acting in an environmentally and socially responsible manner, and meeting the rapidly increasing number of industry standards.

PwC forest industry professionals can work with your company to establish a certified Chain of Custody (CoC) process that enables you to document the origin of forest based raw materials and track them through the supply chain, ensuring that the process integrates with your existing management systems and meets the expectations of your stakeholders. We can take a strategic approach to this work, assessing your strategic and operational issues and recent business developments to understand their impact on your supply chain.