Exploring new values and new directions in the forest, paper & packaging industry

There's radical change happening in the forest, paper & packaging (FPP) industry. We believe several key factors will shape the sector's direction over the next two decades, including technology, fibre competition, changing industry structures (and new players/partners) and regulation. Your company is a business which takes a long-term perspective – you have to, given that new trees don't grow every quarter. Planning for the long-term has never been more challenging, though. We believe that the FPP industry will need to both draw upon old strengths, like its considerable talents in forest and fibre management, and improve capabilities, for example around innovation and R&D, to make sure it gains full benefit from these developments.

In this short report, we examine each of these factors and discuss how they are redefining the possibilities for your business and competitors. We briefly consider how business models may change in response. It's continuation of the conversation started in our 2010 publication, CEO Perspectives, where we shared the views of thirty senior executives on where they see the industry in the future. None of the senior executives we've spoken with really knows just what the industry will look like in 20 years time – but they all agree that it will be a very different from today. We believe that dialogue is essential, and hope that this paper will serve to further the conversation around the sector's – and your company's – future.