CEO Perspectives: Viewpoints of CEOs in the forest, paper & packaging industry worldwide

2010 Edition

Our last edition of CEO Perspectives grappled with major changes in the world in which the FPP industry operates. The years 2008 and 2009 saw global credit markets, and then the world economy, go into freefall. The crisis exacerbated existing declines in some markets and precipitated steep drops in demand in many others, particularly in mature markets. It has also highlighted the split between mature and emerging markets; China and India experienced much shorter and less severe shocks than did Western Europe and North America. So far, the FPP industry has seen relatively few business failures, even in struggling markets – but very few companies can point to real successes either. So how will the industry reshape itself to meet future challenges? Our study takes a look at the types of transformation needed in the industry, and elaborates on four key trends in the following discussion.

PwC recently conducted its third series of in-depth interviews with CEOs in the Forest, Paper and Packaging (FPP) industry. We interviewed 33 executives from leading companies around the world. The objective, as with the first two sets of interviews in 2006 and 2007, was to learn more about executives’ opinions of the state of the industry, the key issues it faces and its future direction.