PwC's independent chain of custody certification standard

With the increasing focus on environmental performance and sustainability, consumers and other stakeholders are demanding that forest-based materials they buy come from sustainably managed sources. They want proof that organisations supplying these products have implemented systems and processes that meet corporate and social objectives.

The PwC Independent Chain of Custody Standard™:2005 (PwC-ICoC™:2005) helps ensure that organizations have the systems and controls in place to meet their stated environmental objectives. The PwC standard differs from existing chain of custody certification standards in two ways: the certified product claims are not tied exclusively to a particular forestry certification standard and there is no certification label.

PwC’s Independent Chain of Custody Certification Standard is designed to accommodate the combination of recycled waste paper and certified wood fibre, to help meet the overall objective of producing environmentally responsible paper products. The PwC standard can also be applied to solid wood, veneer and composite wood products.

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