Financial regulation

Navigating through the upheaval

The G20/Financial Stability Board-led overhaul of global financial services (FS) regulation is radically reshaping the industry, starting with the largest and most internationally active groups.

The main challenges today relate to just how much change is coming at the same time and the complex competitive/co-operative drive to address issues internationally. And these pressures apply to insurers and asset managers as well as banks.

Implementation demands are set to dominate investment decisions for many years to come – billions are at stake. Businesses face a fundamental dilemma of how to generate sufficient returns when both capital demands and the cost of compliance are going up. Beyond this, the new regulatory agenda has huge implications for culture, structure and organisation. Making confident decisions about how best to comply and compete in this new landscape is critical.

PwC can help you successfully navigate through the upheaval. Recognising that what might be right for one operation may not apply to all, we bring the market-wide insight and experience to help you to assess the impact on your particular business and confidently set direction.

Recent updates

Fourth time around? European banks confront "Basel IV"

November 24, 2016

This report examines the aggregated impact of the current reform proposals on banks’ required capital.

Forging consensus on TLAC

November 18, 2015

PwC examines the details of the final standards on TLAC and discuss what has changed from the initial consultation.

Capital Markets Union: integration of Capital Markets in the European Union

September 24, 2015

This report was developed in the context of the European Commission’s initiative to support the development of an operational Capital Markets Union.

Including updates on AMLD, CEO survey and Financial Models

February 16, 2015

Snapshots: Benchmark Regulation, RRP for insurers; First take: Political agreement on AMLD 4; Op Ed: Staying Ahead of the Regulatory Curve; Op Ed: Banking on Financial Models; Around the World: G20 Agenda

Including updates on derivative reforms, stress testing and Solvency II

February 06, 2015

Snapshots; First Take; Op Ed; Around the World

Including updates on CMU, structural reform and fair and effective markets

January 30, 2015

Snapshots from Europe; First Take; Op Ed; Around the World

Forging a winning culture

January 15, 2015

Successful companies are marked out by the strength of their culture. How can you actively shape your culture and turn it in to your competitive advantage?

Including updates on the Capital Markets Union, EMIR reporting and the G20 summit.

November 25, 2014

Reinforcing credit supply: Why we need CMU; Evolving derivative reporting rules; Regulatory Reform Down Under

Including updates on the EBA's stress test and the ECB's asset quality review

November 11, 2014

Stress tests in number: Failed the test; Base Case Worst Performers; Adjustments due to AQR; Non-Performing Loans by Banks with CET1 Ratios in the Range 5.5% - 8%; G-SIBs CET1 Ratio; AQR Adjusted Leverage Ratio; Net Income; Summary

Including updates on risk governance and bank lending

October 28, 2014

Top-down risk management; Will banks start lending again?; And also on the EU regulatory horizon

Including updates on systemically important asset managers and protecting client money

July 03, 2014

Are asset managers systemically important?; Protecting client money; Waiting for Godot