CFOs in financial services must balance increasing and competing demands. They have complex agendas, growing compliance burdens and a need to make finance functions more efficient. What's the best strategy for meeting the challenges?

CFOs are juggling three agendas: Insight, Efficiency, Compliance and control, and are asking us to help them find the right balance. The finance function needs to provide more and better management information while being subject to increasing cost pressure.

Strategic decision making is made easier if companies can move efficiently from being compliance focussed to providing more insightful management information. More and more companies are initiating Transforming finance projects encompassing all three of these points (See diagram below).

We are experienced in making sure that the benefits of finance function change programmes are realised. We have a wealth of experience working with major financial services companies. Our team of experienced advisors and practitioners recruited from the industry means we are well positioned to understand the challenges faced by today’s CFOs.