Insurance 2020: Turning change into opportunity

Future of Insurance is a new research study from PwC. We're exploring the drivers of change for the insurance industry. Bringing together PwC insurance professionals from around the world to share perspectives and challenge research findings, we have created new insight that will provide an important discussion tool to shape strategic thinking and direction.

In the Future of Insurance, we explore not only the key drivers of change for the insurance industry as a whole, but also the implications for your insurance business. Our extensive research reviews the sweeping changes across social, technological, environmental, economic and political perspectives, providing the knowledge to evaluate scenarios of maximum relevance to your business. We view through a regional lens as well as a functional one so we're able to help you prepare yourself strategically for the evolving future.

What we can share here is only a little of the picture, so to find out more about the strategic choices open to your company, talk to us.

David Law, Global Insurance leader, explores the thinking behind Insurance 2020 and how insurance CEOs could use it to develop strategy.