Insurance Banana Skins 2011

PwC has joined forces with the Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation (CSFI) to explore what risks insurers face and how they prioritise them.

The research questions insurers on three areas: current risks, future trends, and their preparedness to respond to the risk environment. It shows how the life, non-life, reinsurance and London Market sectors differ in outlook and provides valuable insights into the risk concerns at the top of the boardroom agenda. To read the press release, click here


  1. Regulation is top of the list
  2. Only 5% respondents feel the industry is well prepared to face the risks identified
  3. Capital and Investment performance are still high on the agenda
  4. Talent, a new entrant, but straight in at number 6

Top risks:

  1. Regulation (from 5th position in 2009)
  2. Capital (from 3rd position in 2009)
  3. Macro-economic trends (from 4th position in 2009)
  4. Investment performance (from 1st position in 2009)
  5. Natural catastrophes (from 22nd position in 2009)

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