Talent and the financial services industry

In these turbulent times, identifying, attracting, retaining and developing people with the right skills and talents is essential. This series of articles considers the talent requirements for different sectors of the financial services industry.

Managing talent in the day after tomorrow
July 2009
Building on our market observations and some of the themes raised in 'The day after tomorrow', this point of view examines how leading financial services organisations are gearing their talent strategies to the unprecedented market conditions and changing realities facing the sector.
Talent and the finance function Talent and the finance function
December 2008
This paper examines some of the practical ways that talent management could be improved to help finance teams meet unfolding challenges. Written by PwC finance and HR specialists from around the world, the paper is based on our practical experience of working with finance functions across the financial services industry.
Talent and the finance function Talent and the alternative investment industry
May 2008
This paper looks at the business issues, the issues of alternative talent at risk and how to tackle them, how lack of succession planning can harm the brand and how to retain talent and grow the business over the long term.
Talent and M&A Talent and M&A
May 2008
This flyer looks at the key talent considerations within the business such as the business challenge, planning for change, global versus exporting talent and practical questions that managers should address.
Talent and risk Talent and risk
December 2007
This flyer looks at 7 key risks associated with talent (Failure to sustain growth: Failure to secure succession: Failure to attract emerging talent: Failure to retain top performers: Failure to provide board-level direction: Failure to provide effective support; and Failure to weed out poor performers) and suggests way of tackling them.