Survival and Success: Securing the Future for Japanese Banks

Growth in the Japanese banking market continues to be hard-won in the face of shrinking margins and constrained credit demand. These developments also offer valuable openings for innovation, differentiation and growth. How can Japanese banks capitalise on the rise and interconnectivity of the emerging markets?

There are also opportunities to create market-leading retirement solutions for an ageing population and support the transfer of wealth between generations, as well as the implications of these developments for how banks go to market. The strategic considerations facing major international groups, regional banks and smaller institutions differ.

But all need to rethink how they plan to compete in a new and very different marketplace – simply doing what you’re doing a little better won’t be enough. The banks that are set to emerge strongest aren’t just focusing on the immediate challenges, but also looking ahead to who their key clients and competitors will be in five years’ time, and judging what investments and organisational changes are needed now, to be successful in the future.