CDO/CLO services

PwC is a recognised leader in providing integrated services across all aspects of structured finance transactions. We develop unique strategies designed to meet our clients' specific business objectives. Our multi-disciplinary approach provides thoughtful solutions that optimise business, tax and accounting considerations.

Our goal is to provide comprehensive end-to-end services in all phases of the securitisation process from strategic advisory during the initial evaluation and planning of a transaction, through transaction closing support for deal execution, to post-transaction management and compliance, all of which are supported by our technology solutions knowledge.


Transaction closing and post transaction services

Our structured finance team will provide agreed-upon-procedures support for newly issued structured transactions which can include transaction modelling and analytics, collateral file review, collateral quality testing and eligibility criteria.


Transaction modelling

As an agreed upon procedure we can independently develop a cash flow model using the information provided to us and will run the transaction through our model to tie out statistical information on the transaction.


Collateral file review and quality testing

Before presenting collateral or asset-specific information to rating agencies, originators should undertake a complete review to confirm historical performance of the collateral being included. Transparent review and analysis of underlying collateral for a transaction can save an originator money by translating into a higher rating by the credit agencies.


Note valuation payment verification

Following the transaction close there is an ongoing requirement to provide the investors with a note valuation payment report. Our structured finance group can reperform the calculations and statistics and provide independent comfort as to the accuracy of this ongoing reporting.