Accounting advisory services

Our approach

Our European Structured Finance Group has established an extensive knowledge base of GAAP and the application of accounting rules to complex structured instruments.

Whether you are interested in own balance sheet accounting or are a marketer interested in third party accounting, there are three main areas in which PwC can provide support:

Bespoke, timely advice

We provide advice on both specific structures and general accounting scenarios under all applicable GAAP. In the UK specialists can provide advice on IFRS and UK GAAP, while our global network enables us to provide timely advice in all other major GAAPs.

We also engage in workshop style sessions with clients to discuss problems and implementation points regarding specific accounting issues or more generic topics such as accounting rules in particular territories or across particular product areas. These workshops ensure our clients understand key issues up front.

Keeping up to date

We provide training on accounting standards and their application. This training can be tailored to a particular client industry, specific standards, local GAAP or particular reporting requirements.

Our experience shows that many institutions are demanding to be kept up to date with the latest changes to reporting and accounting, in particular in respect of developments to IFRS and US GAAP.

Getting the right answer, first time

Our team of professionals supported by access to the PwC network of technical specialists and thought leaders, means that we are confident of getting to the right answer, first time; ensuring minimal disruption to the deal cycle.

PwC are recognised leaders in providing leading global financial institutions with an in-depth understanding of how to account for financial products. Our experience of accounting standards, the banking and capital markets industries and our leading in-house technical resources makes our service unique as well as technically robust. Our team is dedicated to the provision of accounting advice with a focus on proactive, timely and high quality service.