Transaction Banking Compass

Transaction banking is evolving from a stand-alone activity to one that's a valuable and strategic component of the organisation itself. But certain challenges — like financial crises and regulation — are impacting it. Our Compass series points out the individual issues you need to know about to ensure effective and secure transactions in your organisation.

Current issue: Reshaping the vision: Emerging stronger from market transformation

PwC's Transaction Banking Compass series, October 2011

Transaction banking is gearing up for transformation, creating valuable commercial opportunities for nimble and farsighted banks and opening up the risk of competitive marginalisation for others. We believe there are three key questions that banks will need to address if they are to sustain competitive relevance in this rapidly changing environment:

  1. How do you choose and get closer to your chosen customers – who will be your key customers in 2020 and how can you develop a more profitable relationship?
  2. How will you manage risk and capital more effectively – what is the impact of regulation on your business model and how can you develop a more favourable and sustainable balance between risk and reward in this new environment?
  3. How will you keep pace with market developments – what competitive advantages can you bring to bear and what resources and technology will be required to support this?

Members of our global transaction banking team have written a series of special articles, examining the key developments and their competitive implications.

Reshaping the vision: Full report. ( Download 2.5 Mb)
Reshaping the vision: Highlights flyer. ( Download 1.8 Mb)