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Q1 - Please select your gender
Q2 - Which of the following age groups do you belong to?
Q3 - Please select the income bracket that applies best to you
Q4 - Does your mobile phone have access to the internet with your mobile phone plan?
Q5 - How often do you use social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter)?
Q6 - Which one of the following statements best describes your attitude towards new technology?
Q7 - If you were going to purchase a new banking product, which of the following are you most likely to buy from?
Q8 - To what extent to you agree or disagree with the following statements in relation to the overall performance of your main bank?
Q9 - How important are each of the following factors to you?
Q10 - How satisfied are you with the service you receive from your main bank in relation to each of the following factors?


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Group definitions based on average annual income (USD) and vary by country:
Country Wealthy Mass
Hong Kong >108k >49k <>
Mexico >36k >13k <>
Canada >92k >45k <>
France >63k >36k <>
Poland >37k >20k <>
China >14k >8k <>
UAE >96k >37k <>
Turkey >27k >13k <>
India >7k >3k <>
UK >110k >70k <>