Emerging trends in real estate 2013 - Global overview

Based on interviews with the most senior property professionals, The Emerging Trends in Real Estate © regional reports, produced annually by PwC in association with the Urban Land Institute are a key indicator of sentiment in global Real Estate. For the first time, we have drawn together those regional insights into one report to focus on the most relevant trends.

  • Strategy: Moving the needle - Across the globe investors are inching along the risk spectrum.
  • Debt: Loan terms - Despite global interest in real estate lending, debt strategies require specialised skill sets.
  • Markets: Going local/partnering - Thinking “micro” is a growing trend.
  • Markets: Adapting to change - There is a growing need for investors to consider how social trends are changing real estate.
  • Green link: Sustainability is rising up the agenda and good owner and occupier relationships are vital to success.

Capital flows into real estate are forecast to reach $500bn by the year-end, so it is an important time to understand where that equity is heading, and why. Global funds are most prominent in this surge in activity, and were the largest cross border purchasers in the first quarter of 2013. But this growing interest and confidence presents new challenges to those trying to access the worldwide market. What do investors need to consider when navigating their target markets and new markets? We explore that here.

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