Outlook highlights: A video snapshot

Which entertainment and media markets are growing fast? Where will consumers and advertisers increasingly spend their cash, and what is driving their spending? What are consumers telling us they want? How do entertainment and media businesses stay relevant? Being able to answer these questions will help shape products and services, and business and operational models that will help ensure your business remains relevant.

Phil Stokes, Partner, EMEA entertainment and media leader helps to provide answers drawing on key findings from the Global entertainment and media outlook.

Where are the fast growth markets in entertainment & media?

Eight high growth markets are driving overall consumer and advertising spending in entertainment and media and will account for 22% of global revenues in 2017.


What is the driving force behind consumer and advertising spending?

Two major trends are driving consumer and advertising spending: growth in Internet access and the rise of mobile and connected devices.


Where are advertisers spending in entertainment and media?

Internet advertising is growing fast, but online TV will remain relatively small.


Where are consumers spending in entertainment and media?

Physical home video is in decline, with electronic home video forecast to exceed physical home video in 2015.


What are consumers telling us they want in entertainment and media?

Consumers want ubiquity; they want to have access to content across whatever platform they choose.


How can businesses stay relevant and drive digital growth?

Advertisers will have to spend more time thinking about analytics to better understand engagement, but it is little data, not big data, that will provide real insight.