Managing and protecting content rights and royalties

Entertainment and media companies are facing a host of challenges surrounding intellectual property rights, piracy, security and digital rights management (DRM). With pervasive digitisation of content, entertainment & media companies must develop strategies that embrace digital distribution.

But to effectively implement these digital content distribution systems, entertainment and media companies need decision frameworks and operational processes that enable them to control their content over the Internet in terms of security, usage tracking, and how their content is consumed. Additionally, companies need to implement advanced processes and methodologies that help them identify and quantify overpayment of royalties and mitigate risks due to non-compliance with contractual stipulations.

How PwC can help you

PwC has the capabilities to guide entertainment & media companies into the digital future while protecting their content rights and royalties. Our digital asset management experts provide strategy, attest, advisory, and risk management services, resulting in groundbreaking solutions for digital asset management. In an industry where brand recognition and monetisation of unique entertainment product is essential, we also help companies develop sound business practices to maximise cash flows from their licensing management programs. In addition, PwC’s advisory practice offers intellectual asset management services (IAM) to help content companies analyse and manage information associated with digital assets.