Building a customer-centred organisation

Today’s consumers expect to access content whenever, however and wherever they want it across multiple screens and often while consuming multiple pieces of content simultaneously. The race to understand these new consumers, meet their needs and monetise their evolving demands and behaviours is on.

Challenge and opportunity

The key to unlocking incremental revenue is achieving customer ‘relevancy’. Entertainment and media companies should be looking to engage and capture the interest, imagination and spending of a specific individual at a specific time in a specific place and context, by delivering the message, offer or content that is most relevant to them at that very moment.

How PwC can help?

We can help you to:

  • Understand who your customers really are and how the needs of different types of customers differ.
  • Design and offer the right services, products and experiences to the right customers by deriving insight from consumption patterns and community interactions.
  • Ensure your customers’ experience is consistent across all channels.
  • Ensure that processes, capability and systems are systematically aligned to customer needs.

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