Digital experience – developing strategies and executing in a changing environment

Digital transformation is not new; in fact, it is the new normal. Constant disruption from new technology and changing consumer behaviours, means entertainment and media businesses must have a business ‘fit for a digital age’. But in practice, many are finding that transforming their business is not easy.

Challenge and opportunity

Embracing a strategic, forward-looking business model fit for a digital age is critical to survival—and success. The profound transformation that has gripped the media and entertainment landscape will continue to present new challenges, risks and opportunities as never before. Entertainment and media business must transform their businesses to face these head on.

How PwC can help

Whether your challenges are strategic, operational or risk based, our entertainment and media experts can help.

We can help you with:

  • Digital information and content management strategies
  • Rights management and contract compliance services
  • Optimising the value of your digital assets by managing content portfolios across platforms and business units
  • Sustaining and strengthening profitable consumer relationships by analysing consumer data for addressable content and advertising, using business intelligence solutions
  • Social mobile analytics
  • Selecting the right IT systems, operations, structures, and processes to support the successful execution of your digital strategies
  • Lowering costs through sophisticated content supply chain and physical distribution solutions, including alternate systems such as cloud
  • Outsourcing, off-shoring and shared services
  • Growing your online platform, while helping to control new security and execution risks that can damage your brand

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