The drive towards a low carbon economy is on. In many countries the carbon reduction commitment is with us and requirements for zero carbon homes and commercial buildings will come in over the next few years.  Around the world, governments as diverse as the US and China are looking to effect substantial reductions in carbon emissions from building stock, requiring massive programmes of refurbishment and a re-think in the way we design, build and manage these assets. Climate adaptation requirements are also being factored into the siting and design of major infrastructure that will still be with us as the effects of climate change; sea level rises, flooding, drought become more pronounced.

How PwC can help

Companies at every step of the built environment value chain need to understand the impact of sustainability on their operations and the opportunities that are being created by these new requirements.  PwC's sustainability and climate change team, working with our people in valuations, tax, strategy, consulting and corporate finance disciplines, interpret these requirements and advise our clients on their response; from developing strategic priorities; to measuring carbon in supply chains; the life-cycle assessment of products; and advising on the acquisition or financing of low carbon, renewable technologies.  Our global network of 600 sustainability specialists across 40 territories enables us to affect client outcomes anywhere in the world.

Who to contact:

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