Services and solutions: Corporate finance

From mergers & acquisition and transaction support services to business regeneration, corporate finance services, corporate recovery, economic services, global expansion and privatization services, and intellectual property management, we offer a broad palette of corporate finance and recovery services.

We also have services developed which speak to specific issues in the construction and building marketplace.

Private Finance Initiative/Public-Private Partnerships

PwC professionals have wide experience with projects developed under Private Finance Initiative (PFI) and Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) in a number of territories. We advise both government and private sector consortia, through our practical understanding of the PFI procurement process which has been gained from direct experience of some of the largest and highest profile PFI projects currently underway.

Services applied include:

  • Understanding strategic objectives and operational constraints of government departments and agencies.
  • Identifying and allocating risks between service user and provider.
  • Assisting with definition of output specifications.
  • Developing prequalification criteria and detailed final evaluation criteria capable of distinguishing between very different private sector bids.
  • Undertaking financial modelling and analysis of PFI projects

More information is also available on our services in the area of Government & infrastructure.