Services and solutions: Assurance

Owners of engineering and construction projects are subject to strict assurance requirements.

Corporate boards, trustees, tenants, the government, the media and the general public all take an active role in scrutinising performance. On top of statutory audit, tax and legal requirements, owners and managers of engineering and construction projects must take on greater accountability for the environment and safety. Ultimately, the challenge for engineering and construction project owners is to know with confidence that their business objectives are being properly met while at the same time satisfying often divergent stakeholder needs.

PwC provides world-class support to meet these different forms of compliance.

Operational and construction auditing

We use a holistic approach to construction auditing, focusing on both the financial and operational aspects of construction projects.

  • Audit pay requisitions for allowability, reasonability and adherence to commercial terms of contract
  • Audit operations for both effectiveness and efficiency against existing policy and best practices
  • Support internal audit (IA) group to improve audit coverage
  • Develop IA programme and train IA staff in its use or support delivery of outsourcing opportunities

Other services include:

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