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PwC provides industry-focused services for public and private clients in order to build public trust and enhance value. See one of the areas below to discover the benefits we can bring to you—whatever the size of your organisation


Owners of engineering and construction projects are subject to strict assurance requirements. PwC provides world-class support to meet these different forms of compliance.

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Capital project services

Our solution suite capital project services can help you at every phase of a major project, from appraisal on through development, execution and ultimately operation.

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The industry in the past has grown significantly through acquisitions and entering new markets while maintaining a federated culture running a portfolio of divisions or operating companies who is responsible for their own markets, projects and back office functions (Finance, HR and Technology). With the current tougher global economic climate the engineering and construction industry is determining how to better deliver their global services at a lower cost while maintaining the ownership and value at local business or country level.


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Corporate finance

From mergers & acquisition and transaction support services to business regeneration, corporate finance services, corporate recovery, economic services, global expansion and privatization services, and intellectual property management, we offer a broad palette of corporate finance and recovery services.

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Dispute resolution

Dispute resolution is critical in an environment where disputes between contract partners have become part of the landscape.

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Fraud, risk & regulation

Our Forensic Services practice specialises in the prevention, detection and investigation of fraud, corruption and other forms of financial crime. Our team of trained investigators includes forensic accountants, lawyers, former regulators, and experts in forensic technology and business intelligence.

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Global mobility

PwC’s international mobility tax compliance and consulting services are by definition delivered globally. We operate as a single global unit, underpinned by integrated global technology.  Our International Assignment specialists are an integral part of our wider Human Resource Services (“HRS”) practice.  HRS has more than 6,000 HRS experts in 165 offices in 75 countries.

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Risk Management

PwC's construction risk management services can help you implement project and cost controls, reach your goals, and manage your construction risks.

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PwC's sustainability and climate change team, working with our people in valuations, tax, strategy, consulting and corporate finance disciplines, interpret these requirements and advise our clients on their response; from developing strategic priorities; to measuring carbon in supply chains; the life-cycle assessment of products; and advising on the acquisition or financing of low carbon, renewable technologies.  Our global network of 600 sustainability specialists across 40 territories enables us to affect client outcomes anywhere in the world.

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Engineering & Construction projects make a major impact on businesses and governments around the world. Our tax professionals work closely with teams of auditors, lawyers and engineers, helping our group provide high-quality service. Your tax needs are complex. We have the necessary knowledge and experience to address them.

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The sector is increasingly becoming more global in nature and many organisations are looking to expand through acquisitions outside their core territories. PwC provides a full range of industry-focused financial advisory services to corporates, management teams, private equity houses  and public sector institutions.  We offer advice throughout the deal spectrum; from strategy, valuation and execution through to exit planning; and on a range of transaction types including M&A, private equity, IPOs, project finance and PPP.

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