Emerging markets

Industrial and urban growth in the emerging markets over recent years has led to increased government spending to develop infrastructure in key territories, including China, India, Russia and Central and Eastern Europe, a trend which is continuing in the face of the current economic downturn. E&C companies have significant opportunities to win work as governments increasingly open doors to inbound investment, through PPP/PFI, joint ventures, foreign direct investment, and partnering. The challenges remain significant, as E&C companies need to manage regulatory issues, procurement strategies, and the local market and business culture, which vary widely around the world.

How PwC can help you

PwC has a network of E&C specialists in the emerging markets who assist in understanding and working in new markets. We offer a full scope of services ranging from strategic advice on building an emerging markets strategy, assessing suitable opportunities, identifying partners, dealing with international and local regulations and procurement mechanisms, to capitalising on government incentives. We offer our expertise in international mobility to ensure the right people and skills are in place in new markets.