Thought leadership

Through our global network of renewable energy professionals, we examine industry trends and issues. Our views on emerging trends, best practices, methodologies and approaches comprise many of our thought leadership series and publications. We combine our unique perspectives, skills, and diverse backgrounds to create innovative solutions to today's most complex business issues. We invest significant resources in acquiring, refining and sharing these capabilities to further benefit our clients. We are well positioned to understand the challenges facing today's companies and offer our insights on the forces working within the marketplace. Click on the links below to discover the benefits we can bring to you—whatever the nature or size of your organisation.

  • Financing the Future of Energy
    Our Middle East Sustainability & Renewables team, along with the University of Cambridge have produced this report for National Bank of Abu Dhabi which highlights how financing the future of sustainable energy offers excellent opportunities for the banking sector in the Gulf region. This report provides the evidence base needed to convince financiers that those opportunities are real, large and happening now. It aims to give them the context they need to guide their choices and shape the financial products which will support the development of the energy industry.

  • Power & Renewables Deals: 2015 outlook and 2014 review
    Welcome to our 2015 Power and Renewables Deals outlook. It is the latest in our annual series in which we look at mergers and acquisitions activity in the power utilities sector.

  • Developing Renewable Energy Projects: A guide to achieving success in the Middle East
    PwC’s Middle East Sustainability and Renewables Centre of Excellence has partnered with the Eversheds Clean Energy and Sustainability team to produce ‘Developing Renewable Energy Projects: A guide to achieving success in the Middle East’. This is the second edition of the report and provides a full analysis of the renewable energy market across five jurisdictions, identifying the main issues affecting the industry and the key drivers for growth in the sector across the Middle East.

  • Energy Efficiency: Towards the End of Demand Growth
    This book is a detailed guide to new energy efficiency technologies and policy frameworks affecting the profitability of efficiency projects. The contributions drawn together by F.P. Sioshansi feature insights from recognised thought leaders, detailed examinations of evolving technologies, and practical case studies yielding best practices for project planners, implementers and financiers. This volume challenges the "more is better" paradigm in energy production, examining efficiency technologies and measurement across the supply chain. Our Global Renewable Energy leader Paul Nillesen and his team member Robert Haffner have contributed to this book with a chapter on "A global perspective on the long-term impact of increased energy efficiency".

  • Switch on the lights - Unlocking the UAE's solar potential
    The United Arab Emirates (UAE) shows considerable potential for solar yet a slower-than-expected industry growth to date. This report provides an overview of where the solar market and companies are at in the UAE at this time just when governments are beginning to announce ambitious renewable energy targets.
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  • European Power & Renewables Deals: Quarterly M&A outlook
    In this report we analyse the European merger and acquisition activity on a quarterly basis in the power utilities and renewable energy industries. We compare European with global deal trends, look into the deal makers and highlight what we expect to happen in the next quarter.
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  • Offshore proof: PwC global offshore windpower survey
    The offshore wind power industry has some way to go to prove it can take its place as a sustainable part of the energy mix. Cost and technological track record remain major challenges.
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  • Solar power: Generation and transmission
    This booklet sets out how PwC has played and continues to play a key role in helping governments, business and society make the transition to renewable solar energy options. Building on our experience of working with the global energy sector for over 100 years, it outlines the services that we can bring to bear to support programmes of work, provides examples of the work that we have completed in recent years, and sets out some of the thought leadership that we have published in the area of renewable energy to help shape and support the debate in the coming years.
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  • PwC dialogue: the growing significance of NOC renewable energy strategies
    The growth of renewable energy in the Middle East could transform the energy supply and business development opportunities open to national oil companies (NOCs). There is increasing recognition that, just as these countries are ‘oil rich’ so they are also potentially ‘renewables rich’. In the run up to this year’s World Petroleum Congress, PwC has been conducting a dialogue on the role of NOCs in relation to renewable energy.
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