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Renewable energy - Global statement of capabilities

Renewable energy global statement of capabilities

In this document, we identify some of the key issues at every stage of the renewables process, from feasibility studies and getting started with your project through to construction, operation and maintenance. We want to tell you more about how we can work together to get you further along the renewables road.

Renewable energy is coming of age. But the investment and market support context is still complex. While there’s clear interest, for example from institutional investors looking for steady long-term returns, investor sentiment is not clear-cut and many projects require careful financing attention. PwC works with the industry in a range of ways to help make sure projects as well as the power from them are established on sustainable footings.

Our expert teams can help you through every stage of the renewable energy lifecycle, no matter where you sit in the value chain.

Feasibility study and business case planning

We can model the economics of potential projects throughout their lifecycle and give you up-to-date analysis of relevant tax, regulatory and accounting issues. And we go beyond the numbers to support you in understanding stakeholder relationships and working with stakeholders to spread responsibility and risk.


Whether you’re looking for financial modelling around the development of renewable energy plants, a straightforward assessment of your investment options, insightful advice on valuation and purchase price allocation for Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), or help raising cash, PwC can support your financing needs.

Tender and procurement

We provide advice on the design of the competitive tendering process and can advise or review your contracting strategy. Whether you need advice on joint venture agreements, commercial due diligence on suppliers, or assistance in valuation and purchase price allocation activities for PPAs, we can help.


We support the engineering and construction phase of renewable generation projects with comprehensive governance structures and control environments. Our services also include supply chain analysis, and we can help supervise site safety standards and provide a health & safety audit across the whole supply chain.

Operation and maintenance

Once your project is up and running, we can help make sure you’re operating it as efficiently as possible and are complying with changing regulations. Our team can also support your tax strategy and corporate reporting, to help you get the credit you deserve for making generation more sustainable, both from the government and from stakeholders.

Deals and investments

Whether you are a power utility company seeking to acquire additional portfolio assets, a financier looking to assess development opportunities, a developer looking to finance or refinance, or an investor seeking a long-term return, we can help with M&A and investment-related services. Changing regulations, technology, power pricing – all of these have a major impact on valuations of renewable energy assets. We can help you pick an appropriate valuation approach. And our team will make sure you thoroughly understand how contracts and other factors affect value, now and in the future.