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Feasibility study and business case planning

The momentum behind the use of renewable energy sources is growing. There is often a solid strategic case for a renewable or cleaner energy project. But on its own this isn’t enough. Companies need a clear, comprehensive plan on how it fits with the wider business and how to deliver their targets. They have to weigh up a complex interplay of renewable and non-renewable investment choices, balance demand and supply and make sure the grid infrastructure is in place to support new generation sources.

How PwC can help:

Making the right investment decisions

PwC is on hand to give you the business planning and market analysis that you need. We can map your strategic and project choices, bringing clarity to a complex array of current and future variables such as the impact of different fuel prices and carbon market scenarios.

Advising on policy

We keep you up to date on the latest regulatory and tax changes throughout the world. Whether it’s carbon taxes or renewable subsidies, we’ll give you the current overview, model possible scenarios and give you the analysis you need to support decisions or engage in regulatory dialogue.

Choosing technological partners or forming alliances

The response to climate change is taking power and utility companies into new technological areas and new markets, requiring careful selection of project and, in some cases, strategic partners. Electric transportation, for example, will create a new way of consuming electricity and, with it, different physical and pricing business models and delivery models. PwC can help with contractor and partner selection and advise on the best frameworks for matters such as joint investment, project design and delivery, governance and risk management.

Reaching out to stakeholders

Local communities are often deeply affected by major renewable projects, whether it’s building an onshore windfarm or concentrating solar power array, or installing high-voltage transmission lines to bring power from an offshore windfarm into the grid. And as new issues around balancing load and peak usage crop up, clear communication with stakeholders will be critical. We can help you document the impact of proposed projects on local communities, work together with government agencies and establish a dialogue with local and government stakeholders.

Project portfolio management

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) provides a structured method of decision making so that you can select and run an optimal set of projects. A standardised approach to investment evaluation means you can compare your projects on an equal basis and assign priorities based on strategic fit and risk appetite of your company.

Further services:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Business case development
  • Milestone mapping and stage gate reviews
  • Market analysis
  • Regulatory advice
  • Carbon markets advice
  • Renewables subsidy policy
  • Due diligence
  • Strategic planning
  • Stakeholder management
  • Project plan development