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Tender and procurement

Contracts and agreements put into place during the tender process affect the entire lifespan of a project. One example is Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). These agreements set the framework for future profitability, so it’s critical to negotiate workable terms. But there are many other contracts to navigate during the tender and procurement process too. Companies need to understand whether suppliers or contractors can really deliver on promises. And with the complexity and capital intensiveness of many projects, managing and improving the supply chain and procurement processes is a top priority.

How PwC can help:

Contracting strategy

You need to understand what your contracting options are and how best to execute them. We can help, including providing review or commercial due diligence of suppliers to a whole range of renewable energy (solar, wind, geothermal etc.) and electricity transmission industries.

Competitive tender process

Looking to design a competitive tender process – or navigating one? We can help. We’re also experienced at analysing corporate and contractual structures in the procurement of large HVDC and energy infrastructure projects. And we can support your process of establishing or procuring a joint venture agreement.

Power purchase agreements

We offer a broad range of services around valuation and purchase price allocation activities for Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) for electricity generated from renewable sources. We’ll conduct market-testing exercises to negotiate PPA contracts, and assist with the impairment test of the goodwill.

Supply chain analysis and modelling

It’s absolutely critical to understand the whole supply chain when you set up a renewable energy project, or invest in one. We can thoroughly analyse your supply chain. That includes mapping out the supply chain you need to construct the facility, but it doesn’t stop there. We can also help figure out how to manage and improve the supply chain going forward. If you need it, we can review specific suppliers or provide contract and procurement advice too. And we’ll help you make sure everything flows smoothly by providing advice on logistics, customs, and other areas that can put the brakes on your project.

Further services:

  • Tender & procurement advisory
  • Contractor selection
  • Negotiation support
  • Supply chain modelling
  • Sustainable supply chain assessment
  • Sourcing strategy
  • Logistics planning
  • Cost analysis and reduction
  • Custom duty advice
  • Risk management
  • Negotiation assistance
  • Training and development