Treading a new trading path

Big changes are taking place that affect utilities companies and their energy trading. Welcoming participants to the roundtable, Norbert Schwieters, PwC Global Power & Utilities Leader, reflected on how "Companies are increasingly engaging in trading to improve and add more flexibility to their asset position. The increase in commodity trading in markets affecting power & utility and gas companies has an impact on short- and long-term contract prices, on price volatility, on the choices faced by end-customers and on the regulatory landscape governing markets."

The new regulations are potential game changers for how companies manage their energy trading. Indeed, they are already having a big impact. This report is not written as a guide to the regulations but, rather, it’s intended to give a flavour of how companies are responding and to look ahead at the market implications.

We focus our summary on:

  • How the rule changes are adding to wider market challenges
  • The move to futurisation in the US
  • The data gathering and reporting challenge
  • Where is it leading – the real world impact?