Renewable energy

Global statement of capabilities

The power of the wind, the sun and other renewable resources are an increasingly important part of the world’s energy mix. The push towards renewables is being driven by energy security as well as climate change concerns. Renewable energy offers a greater level of self-sufficiency with reduced dependence on outside fuel sources. But is also introduces greater volatility into energy availability and poses significant financing and, in the case of offshore projects, capital project challenges.

Power and utilities companies are expanding their renewable portfolios either organically through project development or through mergers and acquisitions. Each route has its advantages, depending on market conditions and timing. Project developers continue to face investment challenges while the competitive landscape for technology and equipment providers is fast-changing as technologies evolve and prices fall in a now globally-competitive environment.

In this statement of our capabilities for the renewable power industry, we identify some of the key issues at every stage of the process, from feasibility studies and getting started with your project through to construction, operation and maintenance. We want to tell you more about how we can work together to get you further along the renewables road.