Smart grid & distributed generation

Get Smart with Smart Grids

A new paradigm

The adoption of smart grid technologies by utilities will result in a seismic transformation for the industry. New technologies and ways of working will be required. New players will enter the industry and the industry’s relationships with their customers will be forever changed. Smart grids will challenge the utilities to think outside the box and look for new solutions. The stable nature of the traditional utility business will become a thing of the past.

Behind the hype, there is the reality. We’ve all heard about the immense potential of smart energy but, if you are part of delivering this future, you’ll know the transformation won’t be easy.

Smart grids and smart metering need substantial capital investment. They require a complete overhaul of the grid from an electromechanical to a fully digital system.

If you are to get the full potential of smart energy, you have to make a lot happen on many different fronts. You need to judge the timing of investment and the best choice of technology partners.

You also need to get the right balance between the cost-benefit to your company as well as the wider grid and society. On top of all this, there is the big challenge of delivering the necessary upgrades efficiently and on time.

>PwC can help you

Whatever the stage of your thinking and roll-out of smart grid initiatives and wherever you are in the world, PwC can help give you momentum.

Our approach focuses on the full lifecycle of smart grid initiatives and touches all aspects of what needs to be considered.

We help regulators and utility companies alike handle risk and ensure that the design of regulatory frameworks supports the development of smart grids.

We are on hand to help with the business and investment case and we have significant project expertise of the roll-out of smart grid programmes in all major power markets around the world.

We can also help you plan carefully your customer relations strategy. Because all the technological innovation in the world can be undermined if customers don’t buy into the opportunities that smart metering and smart grids bring.