Nuclear energy

It’s never far from the headlines. But it’s also never far from our power lines.

Nuclear power is an established part of the world’s energy mix, providing a source of large-scale, baseload supply in many countries.

The strategic role of nuclear power has come into focus as governments move to decarbonise their electricity generation while also responding to rising demand and concerns about energy security.

But nuclear’s part in the energy mix also comes with immense challenges. Safety, finances, very long timescales, skills shortages and considerable public and political scrutiny all add to the complexity of developing nuclear power projects.

We are working with companies, governments and industry stakeholders in every region of the world to assist with the decisions, planning and implementation of nuclear power projects.

PwC can help you

We have an experienced team of nuclear, mechanical and civil engineers, project management professionals, IT experts, lawyers, accountants, and other business service professionals. We can help you all the way through the complex lifecycle of a nuclear power plant:

  • Strategy and finance – Generating strategies and solutions to financing needs and examining stakeholder relationships to ensure the appropriate spread of responsibilities and risk.
  • Contracting and delivery – Helping put the right governance structures, control environments and risk analysis tools in place to support the engineering, procurement and construction phase of nuclear plants.
  • Start up, operations and maintenance – Commissioning a nuclear power plant involves a massive transfer of knowledge, information and data. We’re able to guide asset configuration and support long-term, reliability-centred operations and maintenance.
  • Decommissioning and disposal – We’ve got direct insight into ways to plan decommissioning and the issue of legacy waste. We’re on hand to help you manage risks, maximise asset value and minimise costs.